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Let’s get straight to the point!

This blog is designed to share information and positive experiences linked to maintaining and improving kidney health. It’s written and maintained by people that have now or previously experienced health problems linked to their kidneys. Our mission is to provide hard data and useful anecdotal information in a positive and uplifting style. Kidneys are vital organs and so poor kidney health can be a life and death matter, so its essential to consider all relevant options for your wellbeing. Although illness and cure are intrinsically linked our emphasis is on solutions, so we tend to focus on what will improve your kidney health, both directly and indirectly. As a cognitive psychologist I’m also aware of the real clinical effects of positivity and placebo. In short anything that has been shown to maintain or improve kidney health we’re willing to feature.

We want you to be as healthy as possible, we want your kidneys to function as well as they could, that is our only goal. All the information we provide has this motivation. The content is not written by clinical experts in kidney disease (renal consultants), so please take a look at our disclaimer. However most of the information we feature is supported by scientific studies or personal experience. If you read anything about kidney health on this blog that doesn’t include a link to a scientific source assume its anecdotal. I want to stress that personal experience is really important and sharing information can be helpful to others. We want to know your story, what is happening with you and how are you dealing with it?

Our assumption is that the majority of people visiting us are under the supervision of a health care practitioner. Our aim isn’t to compete or undermine the medical advice that you might be receiving, rather we provide details of cutting edge research and alternative practices that you may like to discuss with your health care professional. My own kidney health improved when I was given some advice from a friend that led to a significant improvement in my kidney function (GFR increased 30% in two months).

You’re welcome to browse the blog , if you want to share resources or your own story get in touch. And most of all, take whatever positive action you can to improve your kidney health.

This site is currently in development, please bear with us.