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Hello, I’m please you’ve visited the blog, particularly if you or someone you know is suffering from kidney problems.

There is a range of different reasons why our kidneys don’t work as well as they should. The older you get the more common it is to suffer from poor kidney health. Although this can be described as a ‘natural’ part of ageing, it isn’t necessarily the case and there are many things we can do to maintain and even improve kidney function throughout the lifecycle. The goal of this blog is to share information that might be of use to people on the journey to the best possible kidney health.

Who am I?

My name is Stephen, I am in my 50s and I suffered from chronic kidney disease (CKD) for several months at the start of 2020. The fact that my measured kidney function increased by 30% over a three month period is the reason why I’m sharing my experience here. In addition to following the advice of my doctor, taking all the necessary tests and talking to a Consultant Nephrologist I also did some personal research. I have friends and relatives that suffer from kidney disease, most strictly follow standard medical advice. But one has researched the scientific literature and accumulated a lot of useful information; he has seen a reversal in his condition. As a science trained researcher, I also wanted to find some answers about my health and of course, I hoped to find help above and beyond what was available through the my health care providers.

After about two weeks of sifting through the links and papers my friend suggested, I started to develop an understanding of what was happening to me and the potential treatments available. I must stress that I have followed the advice of my doctor in every detail. However, this has been supplemented by actions which have been inspired by my own investigations. These include lifestyle changes, natural remedies and a little joined-up thinking. I know my kidney function is still less than optimal but my last global filtration rate (GFR) score was 69, that places me in the ‘normal’ range for my age. On the basis that it appears that I and several other people I know are doing something right, I’m going to share:

  • The action I have taken
  • The highlights of the research I discovered
  • Information shared with me by friends and relatives
  • Experiences of people suffering (and recovering) from chronic kidney disease
  • Any relevant anecdotal or scientific data that might be of use to people with poor kidney health.

The information contained on this blog is for information purposes only, no medical advice or recommendations can be provided, please check the disclaimer. 

Author: Stephen

PhD candidate in the scientific history mindfulness. Trained neuropsychologist and cognitive psychologist. Private research of how compassion and explicitly nondual meditation methods influence our physical and mental health. Stephen has decades of personal practice in spiritual and secular forms of meditation. Alongside the teaching and research of nondual methods, Stephen trains his own brain every day with Dzogchen based mind training.

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